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Squad 16 ACT Clients

CRN International - Hamden, CT - 
This started as a 32 user project for two divisions of CRN International.  One division had an ACT 5 database that needed conversion to  ACT 2009 and a method for importing updates from an industry database.  A third party tool was used for this process whereby  matching on the Call Letters of radio stations the address and phone contact information is being updated monthly.  A flow chart and  instruction manual was created on how to take the industry list from a Microsoft Access database and prepare it for importation into ACT  by way of Excel.  The other division had a Microsoft Access database that was updated by only a couple of individuals at the company.  It became important to have a program  like ACT which was more user friendly and would record each the 21 users' activities.  The  conversion of the Access Database included the importation of notes which required matching on the unique ID of the contact records  bringing the data into ACT history.  There are three remote users that synchronize their remote databases on regular basis.   Recently  CRN International added 10 more users to the project.  Each division came to the Squad 16 training center for a full day of training.

Heliodor - Brownwood, TX -
Prior to adopting ACT!, Heliodor was tracking their customer and prospect data in Excel Spreadsheets and as all four employees were in  four different locations it became necessary to find a means to keep each other up to date on their customer and prospect related  activities.  The master database is being hosted by a third company and each user is regularly synching up to the master database.  After  an initial brainstorming session it was determined that three custom tables would be required to track the customer data.  The Durkin  Toolkit was used for this purpose.  The Durkin Toolkit provided a means to have a one to many relationship for Heliodor to track details  related to multiple properties managed by their clients that otherwise could not be accomplished by ACT! on it's own.  Online training  was scheduled to get the users up to speed on ACT! and custom tables.

TRUMPF Laser Technology – Plymouth Township, MI –
Having seen what Squad 16 had provided for another division of TRUMPF at the Farmington, CT headquarters, the General Manager of  this plant contacted us to create a similar contact management database for 18 sales and service personnel of the Michigan facility. Squad  16 created the new TRUMPF Laser Technology database from 12 Outlook pst files, and 10 excel spreadsheets. Squad 16 held remote  tech support sessions with all of the users to export out and transfer their Outlook data. Each user’s data was imported into an ACT 6  database with a field identifier to tag records originating from the respective individual. As many users had the same contacts in their  Outlook programs, we merged duplicate contacts by searching for duplicates based on many combinations of fields (First Name, Last  Name, Company name, phone number, Email and more). Then the ACT 6 database was converted to ACT Premium 2007 (ACT 9).  Based on territory responsibility, a Responsible Sales Rep field was created and assigned to the appropriate individual. Other key fields  for monitoring customer and prospect types and sales progress were also included. Once the database was fully designed, the  masterdatabase was hosted on a server in Farmington, CT and the 18 synchronized databases were created. By remote online sessions  Squad 16 personnel installed ACT, restored the remote databases, set preferences, and tested for successful synchronization. Tom  Najemy flew to Michigan and held a full day training session. This database consists of over 8,000 contacts in over 900 companies.

Conning Asset Management Company
– Hartford, CT -
Premium for Workgroups. The Hartford School of Insurance had a need to keep track of students (in their case insurance agents from a  pool of over 15,000 agencies), who register for various levels of Insurance Training. This project has utilized just about all of the features  of ACT 2006 Premium for Workgroups. The Company feature suits them well for tracking course enrollments and correspondence with  insurance agents by Company. ACT Groups are utilized for recording the locations, dates, course levels, and instructors for their course  offerings. Contact records are made members of these Groups providing The Hartford School of Insurance with Roster Membership  Reports. All of the customizable sales opportunity fields have been modified in the Sales Opportunities module to provide for  student/course registration tracking. In addition to the 10 users of their database, instructors and facilities have been added as inactive  users, providing for a means to see the calendars of instructors and facilities. The Limited Access feature is being utilized to separate out  their students Contact records from the internal Property and Casualty Training program students, and yet provide for a way to share  common resources - instructors and training rooms.

Partial List of Clients by Industry

Company   Industry
Business West Inc.   Advertising
CRN International   Advertising
Windsor Marketing Group, Inc.   Commercial Printing
Momentum Group   Consulting
LCN Distributors   Distributor
New England Fitness Distributors, Inc.   Distributor
Shelton Winnelson   Distributor
Collaborative Speakers Bureau   Entertainment
Worldwide Speakers Group, LLC   Entertainment
Connecticut Defenders   Entertainment
Joey Edmonds Presents   Entertainment
Wolfman Productions   Entertainment
St. Germain   Finance
Equity For Life   Finance
Hart & Patterson Financial Services   Finance
Connecticut Secretary of State   Government
Chicago Title Insurance Company   Insurance
Conning Asset Management Company   Insurance
Insurance Center of New England   Insurance
Webber & Grinnell Insurance   Insurance
Heliodor Solutions   Manufacturing
Q-Tran, Inc.   Manufacturing
M K Automation Engineering   Manufacturing
Jensen Fabricating Engineers Inc.   Manufacturing
National Fiber   Manufacturing
Harvest Technologies Corporation   Manufacturing
Holyoke Machine Company   Manufacturing
LS Starrett   Manufacturing
Atlas Copco Construction Tools, Inc.   Manufacturing
CyBio US   Manufacturing
Mantrose-Haeuser Company   Manufacturing
EIS Wire & Cable   Manufacturing
Kleer Lumber   Manufacturing
TRUMPF Laser Technology   Manufacturing
Atlantic Fasteners Co., Inc   Manufacturing
Boat Works Yacht Sales   Manufacturing
Lasik Eye Surgery   Medical
Hartford Despatch   Moving Company
NACCE   Non-Profit
WFCR   Non-Profit
WGBY   Non-Profit
O,R&L Commercial, LLC   Real Estate
Forest City Science & Technology Group   Real Estate
Turpin Sales & Marketing, Inc.   Representation
Excel Technologies, Inc   Representation
Global Link Translations   Translations
Command Security   Security
Fire Protection Testing   Service
Acme Auto Leasing, LLC   Service