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ACT! Software Certified Consultant - ACT! Software Training Connecticut, Massachusetts - Squad 16 Consulting

ACT! Software Technical Support

ACT Software Certified Consultants and ACT Software Trainers at Squad 16 Consulting offer our clients live technical support over the Internet using remote access software. With remote access, our consultants can view, diagnose, and solve problems online. Problem files can be transferred for off-line analysis, or, with your permission, the consultant can actually run your desktop and download patches or updates to the computer. Our tech support software allows for several simultaneous remote sessions at a same time.

Using this technology saves your company money, and allows us to resolve issues quickly, letting your employees get back to work.

ACT! 2010 Architecture
ACT! 2010 Citrix Deployment
ACT! 2010 Performance
ACT! 2010 Reporting and Data Access
ACT! and Social CRM
ACT! MS Office Integration
ACT! 2010 Keys to Deployment
ACT! 2010 Scalability
ACT! 2010 Security
ACT! 2010 Synchronization
ACT! 2010 Usability

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