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ACT! Software Products

SwiftPage Email

SwiftPage Email is a revolutionary service that gives you power. Much more than simply an email marketing service, they provide your company the unique ability to take the tools of email marketing to your sales force. For the first time, your sales team has the unique ability to promote your products, services and company using email with open and click-through tracking fully integrated into ACT!.

SwiftPage Email is fully integrated into ACT!. It is a simple "add-on" software package that is easily installed. In ACT!, SwiftPage Email creates a button that allows your sales people to send 1 to 1,000s of SwiftPage Emails at once without having to leave their ACT! application, and the history of each email sent is populated within the ACT! database. Also get open rate and click-through tracking on every email sent.

Because Swift Page Email is an outsourced service, you can easily create your email marketing messages in-house, saving time and money, while we process the data on our own powerful servers. That means no downtime for you waiting to upload your messages, no ISP issues when sending volume, and great deliverability by leveraging our ISP relationships.