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 ACT Software Certified Consultants & ACT Software Trainers at Squad 16 Consulting, Inc. CT MA provide a wide range of ACT! sales software consulting & training services to businesses all over United States.

Squad 16 Consulting’s professional objective is to help you organize and stay in control of your sales/business contact information with ACT software, making your computer activities as efficient and productive as possible. The full day ACT software training course offered at our dedicated ACT! Software Training Center provides instruction on how to record the results of phone calls, meetings, faxes, emails, contracts, quotes and letters, and how to keep on top of opportunities by scheduling the follow-up activities with as little effort as possible.

ACT Software provides one of the lower total cost of ownership contact management database software products available today. With ACT! software by Sage you can manage all of your contact/customer information in one place, stay on top of your schedule/calendar with ease, create and send personalized emails, letters, faxes, meet your sales goals with confidence, and share complete customer/contact information in a secure workgroup environment. ACT's integration with Microsoft Office enables your staff to remain in one program and create letters and emails and automatically record the results in the history of the contact. Knowledgeable ACT! users with integrated software results in more accurate and informative customer profiles. And ACT! provides your users with a very efficient means to keep on top of sales opportunities.

Tom Najemy, the owner of Squad 16 Consulting, is an ACT Software Certified Consultant and ACT Software Premier Trainer. Tom has been a power user of ACT since 1993. He started with ACT for Windows version 1. As an entertainment booking agent Tom needed a software solution that would help him keep track of his efforts to book 30 artists at 3,000 potential locations. After searching out the reviews on the products available at that time he decided on ACT. In 2000 Tom became an ACT! Certified Consultant. Ten years later Squad 16 Consulting has over 150 company clients and New England's only dedicated ACT! Software training center.

Tom has owned and run his own businesses for 30 years. Prior to the entertainment business he was a sales and marketing professional in the international trade based in Athens, Greece where he was a manufacturers’ representative for American and British publishers for their sales to the Middle and North Africa, and subsequently a manufacturers’ representative for American companies looking to transfer Solar Energy technology to the Middle East and North Africa. As a business owner, marketing professional and a computer consultant Tom offers a wide range of business experience to his customers.